Saturday, July 30, 2011

spice spice, baby .

"I'm not proud of everything I've done but I'm pretty sure I'd do it all again."

#oomph stayed the night last night.
so you kno im in an amazing mood.
he was late for work this morning , like he is every time he spends the night.
let's face it we're perfect when we're together.
we spent the night smokin' spice & makin' love faces.
we fell asleep SO fast. tangled up in eachother, so close our nose touched.
he wanted to lay in bed all day. of course I would've.
before he left he gave me some newport money,
left me a pipe (idk why 'cause i got 'em out the ass) ,
some spice, & showered me with kisses.
them perfect ass kisses.
he's workin' a double :/ but he's comin' back over when he gets off :)
he wants to stay another night.
atta boy.

Chandler just left. he's stayin' at his dad's house tonight.
mom's at work. it's 10:52 am. on a saturday.
This is the first time in forever that i've been alone on a saturday.
It's nice to have the house to myself for a couple hours.
time to get lifted, gifted, & piffted as erica would say.
I can't find my ipod :/

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I don't despise you... I call you a slut bc it describes you.

i don't trip over bitches, i walk over them .
When I first met you, I thought you had potential.
Now I realize your the most two-faced bitch out there.
You talk shit about all your 'girlfriends' & then tell them you love them on facebook.
You use people when you dont have anywhere else to go.
Your a prime example of a hypocrite.
If something doesnt benefit you, you're not for it.
Now I see why you move house to house.
Your never gonna find out who you truely are 'cause your so busy tryin' to be like everyone else.
Thank god your outta my life.
continue your dramatic, childish, ignorant, selfish whorish ways somewhere else.
'cause im goooood .

"A woman may be as wicked as she likes, but if she isn’t pretty it won’t do her any good."

Im not comin' with the usual .

"Obviously you like it if you allll up in it." - Cait

"the lighting at your doc office, would be bad lightin' for pictures." - cait
"i look good in that light. I be lookin' at myself" - mom

Today was definitely a 'me' day.
I switched my room around, did all my laudry, & even cleaned my closet.
Adderall is amazing. Lol
I even gotta suprised visit from jlove & some other local rappers.
Their names arent needed. (:
Ofcourse we rolld up.
I love smokn with rappers 'cause it always happens..
You kno, the L's halfway done, everyones buzzin'.
Then someone randomly starts a beat, then before you kno it,
There's a non stop circle of freestyles.
It was highlarious.
Later -
These crazy son of bitches just knocked on my back door, my window, & now my front door.
My momma had to go out there.
She answered the door , 4 dudes were lined up in the backround ,
& one tall ass dude was standin' there.

"uh, is john here ?" -random douche
"no john aint fuckn here, do you kno what mothafuckn time it is?" -mom
"uh..." -random douche
"its 1 o clock in the fuckn mornin, dont be knockin on my door at this time, I gotta work tomorrow." -mom
"yes 'mam" - random douche
*slams door & locks it.

I see where i get my bad bitchness from.
Lmao. <3
"Bitches talk shit 'cause they think they know me. But if I had a dick, they'd be the first to blow me"

me love you long time.

July 25th.

"& when our hands touch, my entire body tingles, & I wanna to ask you to never let me go."

I've spent the past 4 nights with #oomph.
Honestly, I didn't wanna leave.
I dont blame myself one bit.
when you practically grew up with someone,
you can't help but always love them.
we spent the first night staying up, laughing ours asses off,
crying all night, mostly just talking.
we slept like we usually do, tangled up in each other.
I couldn't remember the last time I slept that comfortable.
Its cute, 'cause we always try to out-do eachother.
especially in bed. lol.
it's the bonnie & cylde feeling.
the feeling of excitement running through your body.
we're at our best right now.
Im just hoping it stays like this.
idk what's gonna happen, but I know what i want.
Im just ready for somethin' to happen.
im tired of all these emotions.
we made so many plans, & im curious to see if they follow through.

"Relationships are like drugs. They either kill you or give you the best feeling of your life.”
-Wiz Khalifa

I can't lie. we was caked up. we never get tired of it.
In all seriousness, i've never cared about any other relationship i was in.
yeah, I cared for them, But i didn't love them.
I used to be the girl that ran away from love. not with him.
& with him, im IN love.
it's crazy, im crazy, we're crazy people.
fuck it. he makes me smile.

"the truth is that i'm afraid to be your friend because i'm always going to want more,
but then i got to thinking that i'd rather have you in my life as a friend than not at all."

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

They lookin' for me, I was prolly in the sky .

July 18 & 19th

Jlove's here. Its 11:05pm. His birthday's in an hour lol.
We're piled up in moms big bed. Toasted.

Jlove just notice he got his first chin hair.
I told him its his birthday hair.
Lil' youngin' (:
we spent his birthday like mine, passin' bongs, talkin' out our ass,
& laughin' til we were close to peein'.

Today has been the craziest day.
Ive cried & laughed toomuch in one day.


#oomph texted me this mourning around 11.
it was his birthday too. he got in a car accident.
thank g o d he was wearing his seat belt.
he wanted to come over last night, since he got to see me on my birthday.
but mom said no, cause he had a hoodlum with 'em.
idk what i'd do if something happened...
we had a long talk.

Friday, July 15, 2011

lets be real.

daym, i drove home good.
can't believe im typing.
tonite was fun as fuck so you kno im g o n e .
chilld with some pretty fucking awesome people,
felt like i had a connection with most of them.
nice bud, good drinks, & damn the goodies.
i <3 this shit.
definitely a nite i wont forget. but ya'll kno imma pothead so ion kno . .
i smiled a lot tonite. thats a side-effect obviously. lol
it's like i've got so much to think about, i dnt kno where to start.
so much happened. lol. i smiled a lot.
even if half the people didn't kno why i was smiling.
i could've cared-less.
i was a hit.

i've got heartburn :(
damn you, long island ice tea & pink panty dropper. !

so, i found out i've got another guilty pleasure .
ofcourse i cant say what it is, but omg. i knew i'd love it.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
great night.

*NO this is not about a guy. just throw'n that the fck out there.

too turnt up.
pillow talk.
-im outtt

Sunday, July 10, 2011

them bitches shallow as a kiddie pool.

3 blunts later, im feelin' pretty good.
Im in moms c o m f o r t a b l e ass bed again.
Suprisingly, moms reading. My contacts dry AF.
Nick passed out first. He's on one of the couches in the living room.
Jloves sleepn in my bed.
Nick & jlove both said they heard whispering at my window when they slept in there last.
They trippn.

"so high feel like I gotta facelift. I cant Say shit, but, so fly I needa spaceship."

4:48 am. My sleeping pattern is so fucked up.
But I just love the night time.
Especially driving around at night.
You could say im a pretty care free person.
I just try not to worry about things that I dont have any control over.
But hey, sometimes shit gets the best of you.

This mourning was a good one.

I wake up alone in moms bed.
Chloe & Wiz (my puppies) started freakin' out when they saw that I was awake.
I definitely didnt wanna get up. So I layed there, tryin' to go back to sleep.
Then jlove's ass busts through the door.
"caitlinnnnn, its
2:00, we got you a coffee"
so im like oh fuck, I gotta get the fuck up.
Thank god for the coffee.
Actually it was a vanilla frappe frozen slush. (:
So then about an hour later, I gotta take my little brother to his dads,
so me, jlove &
chandler leave. Im driving, smokin' a newport,
& I just so happen to look at the clock....
So Jlove's an asshole.

G'niiiite ;)
Sooo I guess its goodmourning ? Lol

curiousity killed the cait.

I love my life.
I mean, yea, there are things I want in my life,
& there are things I want gone from my life.
But, overall, hell yea.
Maybe its all this lime, but fuck it.
Oh, & Im On One.

This weed tastes like fabric softener.
But im blitzed, so its cooo (:
Everyones smiling. We're stoooopid when we're gone.You cant blame us.
When you put a skateboarder, a rapper, a milf, & caitchronic in one room, with a bag of smoke, & a 80's mystery movie on tv, you're bound to laugh your balls off.

I wish I had an answer for every question I ever had.
How many people really believe that its possible to stay friends with your ex?
Of 3 years? That was drenched in more emotions than you ever knew existed?
Should I even be saying this?
I dont give half a fuck.

I think im typing just to remember how I was feeling.
Cause ive had a lot of them lately.
Feelings, that is. Mixed feelings.
And those are the worst.
Especially when its a mixture of your hearts feelings, & your heads feelings.
& I dont know which one to listen to.

It crazy how one person can control every emotion you have.
I guess you can always tell how much you love someone by how much they can hurt you.
Or how much you can hurt each other.
Another thing I hate, is how many things can remind you of that person.
Even if its somethin' dumb as fuck,
like a certain type of socks.
Or a roadsign you use to pass all the time when you were ridin' with them somewhere.
Or being with them every holiday, & pretty much everyday for years,
& then not havin' them around the next year around that time, it feels so different.
& sometimes its not a 'feeling alone' thing, cause im always surrounded by people,
but more of a 'what should I do' or 'how should I feel' thing.

Crazy, how you could've dated 100 different people,
but not have even felt anything close to what you felt with that one person.
Honestly im just ready to be happy.
But what if the only relationship youve ever been happy in,
has rollarcoaster-with-no-seatbelts emotions? Should you keep looking, or fix it?
What if its not fixable?
f u c k l o v e

I need to get off this subject.
I dont where this is comin' from.
I never open up. well, barely.
Actually, its scary how much ive been thinking like a guy.
I guess you could say im focused on me right now. Im glad tho.
Im pretty satisfied with myself right now. In the whole aspect of my being.
I can't help it. im addicted to bad things.
& bad boys with good weed.
Its because I chase thrills.
Is it bad that I think ridin' around town slingin' bud with your boyfriend is fun?
not only that, but sexy.
yeah, Im that bitch.
So dominant, Im just lookin' for a guy to put me in my place.

I want someone who Walks the Walk.
Someone actually on my level.
Someone who's not afraid of anything.
Someone who's gonna roll L's while im rollin J's.
Someone who's as open minded as me.
Someone who's gonna give me butterflies.
I want someone thats different from every other guy.
& Im gonna stay single until that happens.

Gucci mane ft yelawolf - Wanna Party